Alasdair McCall

I am

An app developer, software architect and recently, a tech lead, who enjoys the finer aspects of programming as a craft; clean code, agile work environments, product focused apps, test driven development, new languages, tools and ideas.

I toiled away writing backend Java enterprise systems in a past life, before becoming a born-again developer after making the move to writing mobile applications. Now, I lead multidisciplinary teams in crafting beautiful, high-quality, and resilient applications for companies.

In between I'm a ferocious podcast listener, especially while cycling. Sometimes I play guitar or kick a hacky sack. I love Stack Overflow and Brew Dog beers.

I'm here

You can find me online here.

I'm currently

Technology Lead

VIOU - 2023

Leading VIOU's technology team to develop a live commerce platform that connects luxury brands with their devoted communities. I am running a full-stack team of engineers to build a high quality, rich, beautiful shopping and streaming application.

This involves building a multidisciplinary team from scratch, designing and implementing a modern, scalable, functionally complete architecture for mobile, web, and streaming tech stacks.

Through close collaboration with the Product and Marketing teams, we are continually pushing the limits of the online shopping domain and finding new ways to delight our users. AI is definitely included in this journey.

Spare Time

Beyond my day job, I'm passionate about exploring the latest trends and technologies in mobile development. Recently, I've been fascinated by Kotlin Multiplatform for Mobile (KMM) and its potential to enable native and scalable applications without duplicating code bases.

Currently working on personal project called Garnish, an interactive podcast application that leverages KMM and explores new approaches to native app architecture.

When the moment strikes, I throw a few words down on my blog

I've done

I've been

Head of Mobile

Markor Technology (2023 - 2021)

Brought into Markor Technology to support and grow their native iGaming mobile application stacks.

Was responsible for helping a young, small and inexperienced team produce higher quality apps by utilising modern, enterprise level processes and structures. This included implementing a product driven development method, incorporating good, clean coding practises and choosing the right architecture for the size and ambition of the company.

Senior iOS Engineer

Trainline (2021 - 2017)

Senior iOS engineer at Trainline delivering high frequency, high quality features on app using multi-talented cross cluster teams.

Multidisciplinary work including payment systems integration, European operations and UK growth features.

This involved working closely with Product, Design and Analytics to create the best experience.

Product & Team Lead

Music start-up (2017-2013)

Team lead of a five person iOS team, some of whom worked remote. Typical start-up juggling, multiple responsibilities. Promoted to Product Owner.

Mobile & JAVA Developer

Ocado (2012 - 2009)

Java Engineer, Windows Phone early-adopter, Android tinkerer, iOS convert.

System Administrator

National Bioinformatics Network (2008 - 2006)

Linux administrator, python hacker, bioinformatic enthusiast.

Junior JAVA Developer

Content Delivery (2005 - 2004)

First job. First start-up. First failure.

I'm certified

SCRUM Masters Course [Skills Matter 2011]

BSc. Honours Computer Science, Cum Laude (1st) [University of KwaZulu-Natal 2002]