I am

An iOS developer, mobile engineer and software architect who enjoys the finer aspects of programming as a craft; clean code, agile work environments, product driven development, new languages and ideas.

In a past life I toiled away writing backend Java enterprise systems, before becoming a born-again developer after making the move to writing mobile applications. The challenges thrown up when developing for these crazy new devices reignited my passion for developing.

In between I'm a ferocious podcast listener, especially while cycling. Sometimes I play guitar or kick a hacky sack. I love Stack Overflow and Brew Dog beers.

I'm here

You can find me online here.

I'm currently

#agile #architect #lead #api

The iOS team lead at MusicQubed, a mass market music start up in London.

Our talented team is building the next generation music application framework. The goal is to quickly create distinct music mobile apps, each easily tailored to a segment of a wide range of audiences and markets.

Beyond the nuts and bolts of developing, I seriously enjoy the challenge of leading a team, implementing processes that improve the team's abilities and working as close to the product as possible. I consider myself a pragmatic programmer which helps in the fluid world of startups.

#objc, #c++, #swift, #firebase, #tesseract-ocr
In between work I spend some time working on personal projects that come to mind. Currently working/thinking about a restaurant bill sharing app called Abelo and podcast game called Alela. Both Zulu words "to share" and "to listen".

When the moment strikes, I throw a few words down on my blog

I've done

MTV Trax
20K monthly users
9K paying users
4.5 stars
O2 Tracks
180M plays
7K daily users
Windows Phone

I've been

Mobile & JAVA Developer

Ocado (2012 - 2009)
#objc #iOS #c-sharp #wp7 #android #SCRUM #J2EE
Jave Engineer, Windows Phone early-adopter, Android tinkerer, iOS convert.

System Administrator

National Bioinformatics Network (2008 - 2006)
#python #perl #mathematica #ubuntu
Linux administrator, python hacker, bioinformatic enthusiast.

Junior JAVA Developer

Content Delivery (2005 - 2004)
#java #j2ee #swing
First job. First startup. First failure.

I'm certified

  • SCRUM Masters Course [Skills Matter 2011]
  • BSc. Honours Computer Science, Cum Laude (1st) [University of KwaZulu-Natal 2002]